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Self-initiated project

A self-initiated project, I created the cover for a speculative Romanian wines catalogue. My aim was to capture where artistry and wine converge, where the strokes of a linocut technique come alive to embrace the essence of Romanian winemaking. The illustrated catalogue cover created as a linocut hopes to capture the heart and soul of this ancient craft, celebrating the human touch reflected in each meticulous cut.

Inspired by the deep connections between Romanian culture and winemaking, I created the catalogue cover as a a testament to the marriage of art and tradition. The linocut technique, with its hand-carved linoleum blocks, pays homage to the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of Romanian wine. Just as each cut is unique, so too is each Romanian wine, a testament to the individuality and character embedded in every vineyard and grape.

In a world increasingly dominated by digital precision, the linocut illustration embraces the imperfections that make it stand out. The slight irregularities and variations in the lines convey the authenticity and organic nature of winemaking.

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